Aires | Su-27 Exhaust Nozzles

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

Pushing the Boundaries

To be honest I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this set as I have been debating how to tackle the discrepancies of the kit parts for some time now. Trumpeter have to be commended for tackling such a superb subject in this scale, but there are parts of the impressive model that do let it down. However, for years we modellers have been learning how to overcome the difficulties presented by the limitations of the injection moulding system, and the unfortunate, yet common, oversights by our well intentioned manufacturers. I always try to remember that no manufacturer sets out with the intention of incorrectly depicting aspects of an aircraft or vehicle, it is the oversights and prohibitive costs of correcting these that mean the task of perfection is left to us or the aftermarket manufacturers that allow us to achieve stunning results, to correct and enhance these problem areas.

I have long been an admirer of Aires products and they have continually grown from strength to strength as far as their detailing sets goes, and the speed with which their range has grown over the last few years has been astonishing. Fortunately the quality has grown at an equal pace as well.

Forging some Fantastic Flanker Parts

When the Aires cockpit made it’s appearance I was very impressed and looked forward to the rest of the detail sets they announced for the Trumpeter Flanker. I had already gratefully received my parts from Chris at Zactomods, and with the cockpit from Aires, Chris’ Nosecone and Canopy correction, I anxiously awaited the arrival of the nozzles and wheel bays so I could start my project.

When I looked in the box that the nozzles came in and started to closely examine it’s contents, I was absolutely amazed. And that isnt the John Smiths talking either! These are absolutely fantastic and those manufacturers famous for their nozzles and cans will no doubt look jealously upon this set.

Where Trumpeter have added incorrect, yet pretty, bumps and knobs, the artisans at Aires have added the realistic details that will set a model apart. I needn't explain what these are exactly as I have taken the trouble to photograph the two parts together so that you can see for yourself, and skip the lecture from me.

As you scan the attached images, what will become immediately apparent is the fine nature of the detail and the way they cry out for progressive layers of Alclad. Rarely have resin parts inspired me so much to get to work on them. Envisioning the effects of Pale Burnt Metal on these surfaces is inspiration enough to start this project ASAP.

The included etched will add some very nice, as well as delicate, detail to the interior of the cans, and this part of the model will be guaranteed to capture the gaze and inspire all those who can be bothered to examine it closely on the club table.


If you havent figured this one out by now, you probably won't buy the set anyways, but these nozzles come very highly recommended by me. If you are planning on adding aftermarket parts you will no doubt have already considered these but if you are on the fence as to what to do with your Flanker, then get off the fence, go to your local stockist, or Hannants on line and buy a set. You will not regret it. Trust me. Just look at the pictures!

Review sample compliments of Hannants.

© Jay Laverty

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016