Barracuda Studios | BR32329: P-40B Mainwheels

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

BarracudaCast, out of Roy Sutherland's Barracuda Studios, has just released a set of resin upgrade wheels for the Trumpeter P-40B kit.

This is a very simple upgrade set, consisting of only two resin parts:

The casting is crisp and flawless, with no pin holes, resin flash or other imperfections visible anywhere. There is a sturdy casting block to remove from each part, but some care with a razor saw should take care of that.

Detail is very impressive, and even includes tyre lettering:

A small sheet of instructions is included in the package, which describes the simple process of removing, preparing, and installing the parts.


If you have the Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B kit, then this set practically sells itself, and is highly recommended!

Thanks to Roy Sutherland and Barracuda Studios for the review sample.

© Kevin Futter 2018

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This review was published on Saturday, February 10 2018; Last modified on Saturday, February 10 2018