Eagle Editions | EC32#170: Me 262 B-1a/U1

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

With the release in 2016 of the new Me 262B kit from Revell-Germany sparking renewed interest in the type from modellers, Eagle Editions has released a set of decals to suit. These decals can of course also be used with the Trumpeter and old-tool Revell kits (along with Hasegawa hybrid kit, should you happen to have one).

The decals themselves are supplied on two sheets, exquisitely printed by Cartograf:

Note that the swastika decals are supplied in two parts to comply with applicable laws in some European countries.

One sheet contains all the national markings, while the other sheet features the individual aircraft markings and a set of stencils.

The printing is crisp and clear, with both colour density and registration being perfect:

Decals are provided for the following three aircraft:

The instructions are full colour throughout, and carefully annotated with respect to each of the included schemes. The respective aircraft or werk nummern are each represented in three slightly different alignment variations, in an attempt to accommodate the relatively sloppy application of such things late in the war.


This is an excellent decal set, well-printed, and supported by excellent instructions. And while it's quite odd to see U.S. stars-and-bars on a Luftwaffe decal sheet, it does provide an interesting alternative to the two NJG 11 schemes included. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample.

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This review was published on Saturday, April 21 2018; Last modified on Saturday, April 21 2018