Aviattic | 1/32 Pfalz D.XII 5-Colour Lozenge Tailored Decals (for Wingnut Wings kit)

Reviewed by Mike Swinburne

Aviattic has finally completed and released templated 5-colour lozenge decals for the wings, wheels, and tail surfaces of Wingnut Wings' gorgeous Pfalz D.XII kit. "Cookie cutter" decals for this plane have been at the very top of my wants list from Aviattic's inception, and the new products do not disappoint.

There are three versions available, and the difference between them is simply the colour of the rib tape fabric: #ATT32156 has matched upper and lower surface lozenge rib tapes, #ATT32157 has upper surface lozenge for rib tapes on both top and bottom of the wings, and #ATT32158 has lilac rib tapes. If you look carefully at the close-up below, you'll notice that Aviattic did not simply change the colour of the rib tapes - the placement of the particular shapes on the lozenge are in different positions so that you don't end up with multiple aircraft with exactly the same lozenge pattern on the wings. Each set is one full and one third decal sheet, and contains all the items you may need, a few extras if you make mistakes, and a few options. There is an alternate center top wing insert to depict the different rib taping on a restored example. You also get a number of instrument decals and a nicely-rendered Pfalz logo that would look great on a display base.

As with all of Aviattic's lozenge-print decals, decals are printed on clear film and meant to be applied over a white base coat. Adding preshading and staining onto the base coat gives a true to life effect of oil staining in the fabric, it's really amazing. A fine mesh is printed to mimic the look of real fabric effect and helps add more depth to the finished product. The decal film is continuous so you will need to carefully cut around the outline of the shapes. I've found a hair dryer is particularly useful to help get large decals like this to settle down over wing ribs; usually with Aviattic fabric I will use a makeup brush to help get air bubbles out while pushing the heated-up decal down onto the details.

The Pfalz D.XII lozenge decals are available direct from Aviattic for GBP 16.80 plus postage, which is where my review copies were purchased. Definitely recommended for this plane!

© Mike Swinburne 2018

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This review was published on Sunday, June 17 2018; Last modified on Sunday, June 17 2018