Aerocraft Models | Cessna O-2A Skymaster Undercarriage Set

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

When I received, and reviewed Roden's O-2 Skymaster kit last year, it was very apparent that the plastic used was quite flexible, and as a consequence the main undercarriage spar would splay under the weight of the kit.

To the rescue comes Aerocraft Models with a brass replacement undercarriage set, consisting of three parts; main undercarriage spar, front undercarriage, and last but not least an axle for the front undercarriage. All very nicely cast requiring only a minimum amount of clean up.

If you have the kit, or intend to, this neat set is a must.

Set kindly supplied by Ali of Aerocraft Models.

© Andrew Birnie 2018

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This review was published on Tuesday, June 12 2018; Last modified on Tuesday, June 12 2018