Videoaviation | 186932: 1/32 AN/AL 40 Chaff & Flares Dispenser

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

God is in the detail; it's the small things that are accurate which makes the whole so, and if you want to build a late Marineflieger single seat Starfighter, or an Italian F-104S based in Erhac, Turkey for Operation Ace Guard during Desert Storm, you'll need a set of AN/AL 40 chaff and flare dispensers which Videoaviation have added to their growing line of impressive resin accessories.

Consisting of six flawlessly cast cream resin pieces; two main dispenser bodies, and a couple of chaff and flare dispensers, the instructions state the flare dispenser was carried on the right, with the chaff on the left side of the aircraft. The set is completed with a small decal sheet comprising three stencils for each dispenser.

A very simple, but finely detailed elegant set, will give a nice area of interest to the sleek lines of the Starfighter.

Review copy courtesy of Piggy Banque.

Available from Videoaviation.

© Andrew Birnie, 2018

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This review was published on Tuesday, September 18 2018; Last modified on Tuesday, September 18 2018