Aerocraft Models | Main Undercarriage Struts For Polikarpov I-153

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

Since reviewing both ICM's wonderful Polikarpov kits; I-16 and I-153 - I have kept my eyes peeled for builds of the kits, and the only downside I heard was of the fragile undercarriage.

Rectifying this comes a superb one-piece brass set from Aerocraft Models, which replaces the three plastic kit parts for each leg, not only making assembly a walk in the park, but also adding very necessary strength.

The parts are extremely nicely cast, with great detail, and will require just a little clean up.

Another, very welcome, addition to the Aerocraft Models range.

Review copy courtesy of Aerocraft Models.

Available from Aerocraft Models.

© Andrew Birnie, 2018

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This review was published on Tuesday, September 11 2018; Last modified on Tuesday, September 11 2018