Archer Fine Transfers | Aircraft Rivets - AR88139 thru AR88144

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

Just released is this new series of resin rivets on clear decal film.

The different sets include:

The sets come on a 50mm by 55mm sheet of decal paper, and include three different spacings. A small sheet of instructions is included. A nice extra is a clear acetate copy of the rivet layout to be used on your model to determine the rivets with the best spacing required.

The rivets are very regular and have a nice 3D shape, as shown in the close-up.

These rivet sets will make adding rivets to your model as easy as adding decals. I especially like the circles and spirals; they will come in handy!

Highly recommended!

You can get your set direct from Archer Fine Transfers, or from several of our sponsors.

© Ray Peterson 2018

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This review was published on Saturday, November 24 2018; Last modified on Tuesday, November 27 2018