AIMS | 32PE007: Bf 109 F, G, K 'hatches & latches' for Hasegawa, Revell and Trumpeter kits

Reviewed by Ray Peterson


A recent release by AIMS is this handy little upgrade for Bf 109s, and really many other German aircraft. A nice PE detail set for adding detailed open hatches for those service of diorama scenes.


For such small items, it is a pretty good sized set, consisting of two frets - one large, one small, with around 100 parts.

Instructions consist of an A-4 sized paper two-sided sheet with easy to follow verbiage and diagrams, as well as some 109 drawings showing which hatches go where.


Another well done detailing set for German aircraft by AIMS! Highly recommended.

Available direct from the AIMS website.

© Ray Peterson 2019

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This review was published on Saturday, February 09 2019; Last modified on Monday, February 11 2019