AIMS | 32D015: Late War Bf 109's

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

Edited 3/22/2019 for incorrect contents.


Another recent release by AIMS is this set of decals for nine colorful late-war Bf 109s.


The decals are on one approximately 5” x 8” decal sheet. The sheet includes the individual markings for the nine different aircraft, twelve national markings (5 different types or sizes), a selection of stencils, and a couple of spinner spirals. There are four swastikas included all of the same style. The decals appear thin and well printed, though I didn’t test any.

Instructions consist of two, two-sided A-4 sized pages with four views of each aircraft. There is also a small color chart at the bottom of one page to help with identifying color schemes.


Another well done set of decals for those late-war 109’s by AIMS! Highly recommended.

Available direct from the AIMS website.

© Ray Peterson 2019

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This review was published on Thursday, March 21 2019; Last modified on Friday, March 22 2019