Airscale | PE32 LIB - Instrument Panel Upgrade - Consolidated B-24 Liberator

Reviewed by Iain Ogilvie


With the release of the HobbyBoss B-24 we were bound to see a number of accessory sets become available. LSP stalwart, sponsor and modelmaker extraordinaire, Peter Castle released an Instrument Panel Upgrade set as part of his Airscale range of instruments and cockpit accessories.

We take a look at what you get...

Neatly packaged in a ziploc bag, the thought behind this product hits you immediately, with a beautifully designed 'Pilots Notes' instruction card.

This includes instructions on how to use the set, as well as full colour reference photos.

It's really nicely done and inspires confidence that the product is well researched!

Etched Fret

A single etch fret is provided - in nickel silver. Each component is sharply rendered and the main panel is beautifully done.

Instrument Decals

Full instrument decals are provided and these are clean and sharp - they should give a better result than pre-printed photo etch.

Clear Film

A single sheet of clear material is provided to sandwich between the instrument panel and the decal backing.


From the Airscale website:

A great addition to any 1:32 B-24 cockpit - highly recommended.

The set is available direct from Airscale.

Review set courtesy of my wallet.


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This review was published on Sunday, September 29 2019; Last modified on Sunday, September 29 2019