Barracuda Studios | BR32394: Ta 152H Mainwheels - Smooth Tire

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

Barracuda Studios continues to expand its BarracudaCast range of resin upgrade and detail sets with a new set of replacement wheels for 1/32 scale Ta 152H kits, specifically the Pacific Coast Models (PCM) and Zoukei-Mura (ZM) releases. The set features single-piece wheels with integrated tyres and hubs, along with a length of black wire to simulate brake lines.

The level of included detail is impressive, and the castings are flawless:

The moulded-in inscriptions on the tyres are fully legible, and my photos fail to do them justice.

A small sheet of instructions is included. They note that you should file a flat spot into each tyre after removing it from its casting block. Instructions on how to utilise the provided brake wire are also included.


This set is a no-brainer if you're looking to improve the wheels found in your Ta 152H kit. They're so good, they basically recommend themselves!

Thanks to Barracuda Studios for the review sample.

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This review was published on Thursday, October 10 2019; Last modified on Thursday, October 10 2019