Videoaviation | 186532: 1/32 USAF Crew Chief Marshalling

Reviewed by Ray Peterson


In a recent release, Videoaviation has offered us a modern USAF crewman.

The Resin

The figure is provided in their usual tan resin in four pieces: The body, each arm and separate head. Please ignore how the pictures turned out so blue; I think the tan was lost with the blue background. The casting, like all the Videoaviation resin I have looked at, is very crisp and bubble-free. The separate head is nice for ease of painting.

Instructions consist of a small, illustrated, sheet with painting instructions.


This is another excellent subject from Videoaviation. My only criticism is that it would be nice if they provided a full color picture of a painted figure that could be a guide for painting beyond the suggested colors in the instruction sheet, but in the age of Google, it is pretty easy to find photos so maybe I am just lazy.

Highly recommended.

Available direct from Videoaviation.

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This review was published on Saturday, December 14 2019; Last modified on Saturday, December 14 2019