Aerocraft Models | Hellcat II NF Royal Navy Night Fighter Conversion with Decals for KD127

Reviewed by Andrew Birnie

It's always nice to see a familiar aircraft in unfamiliar markings, and fulfiling that criterion is this conversion for the Airfix Hellcat kit allowing a model to be produced as a Hellcat II NF (F6F-5N) resplendent in Royal Navy markings.

The set includes a three part resin radome to be fitted to the starboard wing, as well as the inboard guns with extended barrels and gun flash suppressors.

The three part radome requires one casting block removing, the excess on the other two parts should fit with little or no trimming within the central ring, the guns are nicely cast, very straight, the end of the barrel is hollow, though some may wish to drill further to increase the depth.

Rounding off the package is an excellent decal sheet providing markings for KD127, white X, of 892 Naval Air Squadron based at Drem Scotland - which lies twenty miles east of Edinburgh.

This set will help produce a very attractive model, which will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Set kindly supplied by Ali at Aerocraft Models.

© Andrew Birnie 2020

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This review was published on Saturday, February 22 2020; Last modified on Saturday, February 22 2020