ANYZ | AN011: Braided Line 0.5mm

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

ANYZ is a relatively new firm operating out of Germany, and producing a range of aftermarket resin and decal accessories. They also produce a range of braided threads for detailing purposes. For this review, the company sent through eight sets of the 0.5mm variety, from what appears to be a total of 12 different colours available at this size. Each length is quoted as being 2 metres.

Since ostensibly the only difference between each colour is in fact just the colour, I'll be treating them as a single product for the purposes of this review. For the record, the available colours are as follows:

Photos shown in no particular order:

Each example comes in a clear, resealable bag with a card insert. There's a short informational blurb on the back of each card insert:

After a quick inspection of each colour, I decided that the Gray/Silver variety would be the easiest to photograph up close:

As you can see, the braiding is very fine, and only just visible to the naked eye at a normal viewing distance. Zoom in, however, and you can see it clearly:

To give the dimensions of these threads some context, I overlaid the Gray/Silver example on a 15cm steel ruler:

The photo gives the impression that the thread is in fact substantially thicker than the quoted 0.5mm, but I think it's a bit misleading, and can't be considered a reliable indication of the actual thickness. Besides, with scale modelling, it's the impression of scale fidelity that's important, and you would only use these threads in situations where they looked right, irrespective of their quoted or intended dimensions.


It's amazing what you can buy to supplement your modelling endeavours these days, and for those of you in need of some braided cables in a variety of colours, these sets from ANYZ may well provide the solution. The braiding is finely reproduced, and there's no sign of fraying or other undesirable issues. If none of the provided colours is suitable for your needs, you could always try colouring them somehow, but my gut feeling is that is not likely to be very successful.

The only obvious issue with these threads is whether or not they're suitably in-scale for your project. Only you can decide that, but the rear of the card insert at least provides a guide to what the various sizes measure out to in various aircraft model scales. I think they'd certainly look overscale in anything smaller than 1/32 scale.

If the dimensions satisfy your needs, however, then these should represent real-world braided cables very nicely.

Thanks to ANYZ for the review sample.

© Kevin Futter 2020

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This review was published on Friday, March 13 2020; Last modified on Friday, March 13 2020