Matterhorn Circle | 32019: Hawker Hunter Mk.58/T Mk.68 1958-1994

Reviewed by Jean-Paul Poisseroux

The elegant jet Hawker Hunter was based in Switzerland in the '50s. 37 years after, the engine sound was shut down. This aircraft was very important during them rôles. After the release of 32018 (F-5 /F), Robert Schneider of Matterhorn Circle continues to cover the Hunter with this newest set.

You’ll find the 13 different Staffel:

20 serials are proposed:

19 Hawker Hunter single seater decorations

1 Hawker Hunter double seater decoration

As usual, the first pages printed show the maintenance, stencils, markings painted on the aircraft, left/right/top/under surfaces.

It’s very clear, no mistakes for you to place them correctly.

The quality printed is first class (as usual), thin, good color.

Priced at CHF30 (US$33.00), these decal represent a good value for the modeller.

For the Mk.6 and Mk.58 versions, the Revell kit will be used.

For the double seater, only the Fisher Models conversions (Hawker Hunter T.7 Nose Conversion Kit No. A3216) could be used if you can still buy a reference, or create the conversion by yourself.


With this decal sheet, Mc-One almost cover the full Swiss jet area. If the D.H Vampire and Venom could be studied, it would be perfect for the Swiss fans.

These decals are highly recommended. Available from Mc-One.

© Jean-Paul Poisseroux 2020

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This review was published on Sunday, September 27 2020; Last modified on Sunday, September 27 2020