Eagle Editions | EC#32-174: Spitfire Mk Ia

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

Eagle Editions has just released a new decal set covering the Spitfire Mk Ia. The set provides two main sheets, plus a small supplemental sheet of national markings.

A full set of airframe stencils is also provided, along with markings for the following three aircraft:

The decals themselves are exquisitely printed by Cartograf, and feature crisp printing, solid colours, and perfect registration.

The instructions come on a folded A3 sheet, are full colour throughout, and carefully annotated with respect to each of the included schemes. A full set of stencil placement diagrams is also included.


This is an excellent decal set, well-printed, and supported by excellent instructions. Each of the included schemes has something different to offer—especially the undersides, with examples of the black/white, Duck Egg Green (Sky), and Duck Egg Blue (Provisional) schemes. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample.

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This review was published on Sunday, March 07 2021; Last modified on Sunday, March 07 2021