Warbirds | Hurricane Mk IIC Correction kit in 1/32nd Scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

In this review, we will examine the new 1/32nd scale Hurricane Mk IIC correction set from Warbirds Productions. This set is best used with the Revell Hurricane Mk IIC. Unfortunately, Revell didn't capture the correct outline in the Mk IIC release, failing to extend the nose forward.

This new conversion set comes with 21 resin pieces and a highly detailed set of plans. Vasko Barbic of Warbirds Productions used an existing Mk IIC in the UK and accurate 1/8th scale drawings for the armament as references.

A very large set of plans (not shown) is included with the set. They are drawn to 1/32nd scale. These plans confirmed my suspicions that the 1/32nd scale Revell Hurricane is very accurate in outline; it matches the plans almost perfectly. The instructions give precise cutting locations on the fuselage, enabling one to graft on the replacement resin nose. The Mk IIC wings will also require some changes. The plans detail proper scribing locations so the modeler can accurately represent this canon-armed version of the Hurricane.

The resin casting is among the very best I have seen from Warbirds to date. Upon opening the box, the most obvious component is the single, solid resin nose section. It is cast in grey resin, as are all other items, with no flaws. Closer examination shows no pinholes with all panel lines and fasteners being perfectly scribed. Exhaust stacks are molded separately.

Vasko identified two types of propellers blades that were commonly used by the Mk IIC. He chose to include the more popular one. A number of clear photos were used as references when creating the masters. The assembly includes three blades, spinner and backplate. The later two require the removal of small casting blocks. The spinner is very thin and may not stand up to abuse, so careful attention should be given when removing the casting block. Like the other pieces in the set, all surface details are scribed.

A new resin instrument panel is also supplied. All the instrument bezels are raised, with no cast instrument details. I am sure an exacting replica of a Mk IIC panel will result with the addition of Waldron instruments!

The wings of the Mk IIC are different from the Mk I. This was dictated by the fact that cannons now armed the aircraft. The Revell MK IIC does include the cannon bulges on the upper wings. However, the panel lines and access covers are very different from the Mk I wing, which they overlooked. Pay careful consideration to the plans, and rescribe the wings. Four cannons are included, and they are quite an improvement to the kit parts.

Warbirds supplies a new three-piece resin radiator to be mounted under the fuselage. This is a replacement for the poor parts in the kit. The radiator is nicely detailed and some effective dry brushing will surely enhance all the visible screen details.

The last items to examine are the resin cast landing gear. This includes accurately detailed gear doors and wheel assemblies. The wheels are the four-spoked variety. Subtle details such as valve stems and lug nuts are quite visible. They are not flattened and bulged, which is often overstated by so many other manufacturers. The tail wheel is the "knuckle" type as commonly found on the Mk IIC. It is cast in resin, which is my only concern with this entire conversion. I am not sure how it will stand up over time given the fragility of resin. The gear doors are perfectly scaled with surface details and rivet pattern nicely recessed. The details on the inner surfaces match photos in Aero Detail on the Hawker Hurricane.

Overall, I am very impressed with this new conversion set and I recommend it without reservation. The casting is flawless and attention given to detail is evident. It is nice to finally see some attention given to the 1/32nd scale Revell Hurricane from the aftermarket community.

Review sample compliments of Warbirds USA.

© Mark Proulx 2003

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