Barracuda Studios | BR32461: 1/32 Scale Spitfire Mk IX Late (Aerovee) Carb Intake

Reviewed by Kevin Futter

BarracudaCast, out of Roy Sutherland's Barracuda Studios, has just expanded its range of resin upgrade items aimed at Revell's new-tool Spitfire Mk IX kit with set BR32461, which the packaging describes like so:

Contains new resin lower engine cowling w accurate, detailed, late style carburettor intake to improve the simplified Revell Spitfire Mk IX parts.

This set does pretty much what it says on the tin, containing a single resin part to replace the equivalent kit piece.

The casting is crisp and free of any air bubbles, pin holes, or other imperfections—just as you'd expect from a modern high-quality resin aftermarket product. Surface detail is designed to mimic the style of that supplied by Revell on the original kit part.

The intake opening is beautifully-rendered, being much finer and more convincing than the kit part:

It also comes as a single part, compared to the two halves supplied in the kit, and so saves you the hassle of cleaning up a tricky seam—especially around the intake opening itself.

A small folded sheet of instructions is included in the package, which clearly describes the process of removing, preparing, and installing the part.


If you have the Revell Spitfire Mk IX kit, and would like to improve the look of the lower cowling and carb intake, then I can think of no more straightforward a solution than using this set. Detail and casting are excellent, and it's simple enough an upgrade that even a novice modeller could handle it. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Barracuda Studios for the review sample.

© Kevin Futter 2021

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This review was published on Tuesday, July 06 2021; Last modified on Tuesday, July 06 2021