Black Box | 32002: F-16A Fighting Falcon Cockpit Update

Reviewed by Paul Cotcher

Over the weekend, yet another impressive Black Box cockpit preview arrived to us here at Victory Models. This is perhaps their most impressive effort to date!

We knew their 1/48 cockpits were good, very good even, but 1/32 opens up a whole new realm of detail, due to it's large size. Because of this this set is a work of art! Those of us unfortunate souls who have tangled with the Hasegawa 1/32 F-16 know that there are many hassles to over come with that kit. One of the first, and most notable faults is that the cockpit is void of detail! Despite its large size, Hasegawa gives only decals for the kit's cockpit. Well Black Box has come to the rescue!

The cockpit consists of twenty-one parts beautifully cast in their typical cream colored resin.

The first thing you notice in this kit is the AMAZING tub. These pictures in NO way will do justice to the level of detail that has been achieved by Mike Kirchoff, the pattern builder for this set. Cast in one piece, each side console is a myriad of tiny switches, plate fasteners and wires. Even the type of switch is represented in the detail! A far cry from the decal tub of the kit!

The ACES II ejection seat is also a massive improvement over the kit, including well molded belt detail, separate pitots for the head rest, and molded on, but well represented seat rails (typically separate on most representations of the ACES II).

As is the typical hallmark of a Black Box set, sidewalls are included to detail this often forgotten area in model cockpits. Don't worry the bubble in the picture is in an area to be removed before installation!

The instrument panel is also a far cry from the kit's decal instrument panel. Also included (and seen in the main photo above) is a reworked instrument coaming. The base to the instrument panel is also a separate part.

To complete the cockpit you are also provided with the control grip, throttle quadrant, rear canopy decking, rudder pedals, and a couple of other parts that I can't identify until the instruction sheet arrives.

The set captures the look of the F-16A cockpit. While I haven't checked it against any detail references yet, there wasn't anything that struck me as badly wrong. A quick comparison with the 1/48 cockpit tub shows the impressive size and detail of the new 1/32 set.

The set is available for $18.00 ($26.00 is the suggested retail). Contact us to order yours today!

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