Avonmore Books | Pacific Profiles: Volume Fourteen

Reviewed by Kevin Williams

Publisher: Avonmore Books
Author: Michael John Claringbould
Publishing Date: 2024
ISBN: 978-0-645-70046-6 (Softcover)
Pages: 136

This particular book (Volume fourteen in this fascinating ongoing series), depicts yet one more of the interesting North American B-25 Mitchell medium bomber, and it’s just chock full of representative material; plenty of ground shots, variations in painting schemes, showing the incredible wear on the finishes of these Pacific birds, as well as (naturally enough) plenty of color profile drawings. Covering The Mitchell while serving in the South Pacific campaigns in general (1942-45), this book takes an in-depth look at this warhorse aircraft. Units operating in Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomons are well covered with the usual depth of research provided in other volumes. 75mm cannon armed B-25G/H aircraft were not particularly appreciated by their crews and as soon as possible these planes were modified by the removal of the big gun and the substitution of a pair of .50 cal machine guns. This is well illustrated in at at least one photo.

Each individual section shows the squadron's common markings and colors along with a number of great photos and profiles based on those photos. Each full color profile also provides useful information on that particular aircraft.

(This volume may well be my favorite of the lot so far, as I've been an ardent fan off the B-25 for ages now.)

This work, being dedicated once again to the South Pacific (1942-1945 time-frame) arena, offers up some worthwhile coverage of the Mitchell in that theater; a great wealth of information to add for those that seek that information regarding these types of aircraft working from those environments. Color profiles are presented in great abundance, 109 to be exact, so plenty of options to choose from here.

This volume depicts the unique markings of the ubiquitous B-25s operating within that theater, and is quite fascinating.

The B-25 Mitchell, being a perennial favorite subject amongst modelers for ages now, is well represented here and I'm particularly pleased with the real "at work" type of photos presented, both black & white, as well as a spattering of color shots, again, many of which capture the spirit of the surface battering that these aircraft were subject to. Large scale modelers are fortunate to have several B-25 variants available, all in the form of the Hong Kong Models kits.

The author (Caringbould) is by now well known for his knowledge of the Pacific air war, and this volume illustrates that point rather well.

Typical Photo/Illustration Quality to be Found Throughout

To me, the high point of this volume, is the overall appeal of the subject matter, combined with numerous interesting facts about the campaigns in the Pacific, all packaged in a smooth, attractive presentation.

I'll have to say that, to me, this book is very good value, given the overall intensity and quality of the content.

Even if one has just a passing interest in the marvelous North American B-25, you can’t go wrong with the purchase of this book and you may well become a fan, as I most certainly am.

(Not a selling point, as such, but the cover has a nice tactile "feel" to it, reflecting, in my opinion, a dedication to overall quality of presentation that I very much like.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate this book as a solid 10, no question about it.

My review copy compliments of Casemate Publishers. Many thanks to Casemate, it's truly an outstanding reference book for the Pacific theater of war in general, and the wonderfully interesting and truly iconic workhorse B-25 aircraft specifically, really top-notch stuff.

© Kevin Williams 2024

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