Eagle Editions | EC93: Fokker Dr. 1 Part 1

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

For many years, Eagle Editions have supplied accurate decals for German Second World War aircraft. Now, in a definite break with tradition they bring us 1/32nd scale decals for Roden's superb Fokker Triplane of World War 1 fame.

German World War 1 schemes were particularly colorful and Eagle Editions has brought us five of the more unique Triplane markings. Part 1 provides three different schemes. Addition schemes are available on Part 2.

The first is Fokker Dr. 1 426/17 of Jasta 26 flown by Otto Esswein. This striking black, white and green aircraft displayed a large “E” on the fuselage representing his initial.

The second option is Triplane 1155/17 flown by Lt. Eberhardt Mohnicke of Jasta 11. The colors are red, green and blue.

The third and final markings are supplied for a Dr. 1 497/17 flown by Lt. August Raben of Jasta 18. This aircraft is finished red, white and light blue lower surfaces.

The instructions make use of side, upper and lower scrap views. Text gives brief historical notes on each subject and provides a listing of all references used in the creation of these decals.

As with other EagleCals, these decals are printed by Microscale. They appear very thin and have good color density. Carrier film is at a minimum and no trouble is anticipated with them.

It is nice to see Eagle Editions trying their hand at World War 1 decals. By all reports, the Roden Triplane is an excellent model and I am sure that these decals will prove to be very popular. I am sure we will see other 1/32nd scale kits from The Great War and I hope Eagle Editions will continue to offer their decals for them.

Review Compliments of Eagle Editions.

© Mark Proulx 2006

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