Montex | MM32068: Montex Maxi Mask for S.E.5a

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

For those of you who prefer to use painted on markings you will be relieved to know that Montex have just released a mask sheet for the equally new to the market; Roden S.E.5a. Anyone who has used Montex masks in the past will be fully aware of their quality however if you haven't previously used them, rest assured they are not overly complicated to use and the results are spectacular.

Image 02

National Markings are included for all of the schemes included in the Roden kits decal sheet, along with the serial numbers and bars. However, there are two decals that will be necessary to use fro the kits sheet, the word "Schweinhund" from Grinnel Milne's aircraft and the hatchet carrying masked man that adorns the American option.

I am a great fan of Montex Masks and therefore I will always give them a high recommendation so this rating should come as no surprise.

Further information about these, and the entire catalogue of Montex masks for all scales, as well as Armour masks, can be found at the Montex Website.

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016