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Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Contact Resine has just released a set of resin wheels designed to be used on Tamiya’s F-16CJ in 1/32nd scale.

The wheels are sent without instructions. Due to the simplistic nature of the installation, they are not required.

The resin parts are made up of five components: three wheels and two separate brake assemblies for the main gear. They are cast in tan resin and display excellent surface details. Small casting tabs are easily removed and cleaned up. Tire tread is evident and fortunately the wheels are not flattened and bulged. This feature isn’t seen on the wheels of today’s high performance jet aircraft due to the high pressures they are maintained at. The wheel hubs are superbly cast with visible bolt head, axle and valve stem details. Separate brake assemblies are included and fit perfectly into the main wheel hubs.

The Tamiya F-16CJ comes complete with vinyl wheels. Many modelers dislike that feature and I am sure this accurate wheel set from Contact Resine will be greatly appreciated. I recommend them without hesitation.

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016