Yellow Wings | 32-026: 1/32 Complete U.S. National Insignia Set (For SBD-2 Dauntless #2106 Midway Madness)

Reviewed by Chris Sherland

Yellow Wings Decals has released a follow-up to their fantastic "Midway Madness" set that covers all the National Insignias displayed on SBD-2 #2106.

The set includes 5 pages of detailed instructions and 3 separate decal sheets, two of insignia and one of insignia and rudder stripes. To call this a complete set is to dilute what it really is...comprehensive. In our review of the Trumpeter Dauntless it was noted that the initial decal offering was not only flawed, but badly so. This sheet, and Yellow Wings in general, offers completely accurate and well researched solutions to that problem. The colors and dimensions are right on. It is clear that Yellow Wings takes pride in their research and the results could not be more welcomed.

Unless you build all five examples of 2106, you'll have some spares, and excellent ones at that, for pre and early war US insignia in 1/32 that are not only accurate, but very high quality.

Yellow Wings Decals can be purchased directly from Yellow Wings at their website.

Thanks to Yellow Wings Decals for the review sample.

© Chris Sherland 2006

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016