Hobby Decal | F-16 Dry Transfers

Reviewed by Vernon Rabbetts

Hobbydecal of Korea have now produced a new product for our scale. The F-16 is the subject for these new sheets and will allow you to do most "grey" Falcons, whether two tone or otherwise.

32023 is the sheet with the factory standard stencils and will cover all Falcons up to the the mid-nineties, whereas 32022 covers all two tone Vipers from the mid-nineties onwards.

As a sign of this company's commitment to quality, they were not satisfied with the FS36270 Medium Grey on the sheets so they produced a supplement sheet which is incorporated in whichever sheet you buy. This also has a full set of NO STEP and WALKWAY stencils as on the original sheets they had short counted.

In addition, they noted that the Tamiya kit's refuelling receptacle is a different size and shape to that of the Hasegawa so they have provided both sizes to make life easier for you.

It can only be wished that other companies took this proactive approach to quality control. As you can see from the sheets, the range of stencils is enormous and will cover you from nose to tail, airframe to pylon.

If you're a Viper fan and purchasing either the Hasegawa F-16A/A+/C or the new Tamiya F-16CJ, then these sets will definitely be worth purchasing. And for those who are wondering if they will work for the forthcoming Academy kit, fear not, Hobbydecal will be producing a new sheet specific to this kit in Spring 2005.

As with all of the Hobbydecal products I've seen, I like 'em and I'll use them without hesitation. Now if only they'd produce the white and yellow stencils for the F-4C...

© Vernon Rabbetts 2005

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