Icarus Decals | 32005: Hellenic Air Force A-7 Corsair IIs

Reviewed by Menelaos Skourtopoulos

The new 1:32 scale A-7 kit from Trumpeter was a long awaited kit all over the world. Even with its problems (look at the reviews inside LSP) it is an impressive Model. The SLUF is still flown from the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) in Greece and HAF-A-7 are always welcome visitors at the air shows around Europe. If you want to build an accurate HAF-A-7 you will meet some problems concerning the decals: The HAF-Roundels and some other principal decals.

We got a great help at this point: the decal sheets from Icarus Decals.

There are two decal sheets inside the plastic bag together with a booklet full of profiles and diagrams where the “millions” of decals should be placed.

You’ll find most of the stencils that are used on the real SLUF.

Quality looks great with a very thin decal film. The HAF-roundels have the right diameter and the right colour (dark blue).

You can simply build the E or H model (the one without the air refuelling probe, and the D-landing lights without the carrier approach lights) and there are decals for even the TA-7H/C inside (Mr. Trumpeter pleaaaaseee!!)

I paid ca. 14 Euros for the Decals and this is a good price. If you want to order those decals contact the Modelist Hobby Shop (modelist@otenet.gr).

This is a very welcome item from Icarus Decals and I’m very curious to see those decals on my next Corsair!

Highly recommended.

© Menelaos Skourtopoulos 2006

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