MAW Decals | 32-MAW003: 1/32 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-121

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

This is the third release by MAW Decals in their large scale lineup of Marine aircraft. Similar to their previous 1/32nd scale offerings, "Double-D" and "Big Scale Crusaders", these decals provide some color for those wishing to model a Marine Hornet. This particular sheet focuses on the color aircraft of VMFA(AW)-121, "Green Knights", an F/A-18D, BuNo 164685. This is a very striking (no pun intended...) scheme for an aircraft that is typically found in low-viz greys.

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The decals, printed by Microscale, are very well done - as we've come to expect from Microscale. They are as thin as can be and closely cut to each marking. The colors are well done and in perfect registration. All of the relevant aircraft markings are present on the sheet. No stencil sheet is provided in this set, if the modeler chooses to use them, the aircraft stencils from the kit sheet should be used.

The astute reader will notice the stretched national insignias. Never fear, they are supposed to be this way - the instructions mention the fact that the actual aircraft has stretched insignias on it. Another point to take in is the dropped shadows on the plane number and the squadron identification. Patience and care will have to be exercised when placing these decals onto the model. I know my hands shake, so I'll get plenty of time to exercise my patience...

The color printed instructions are well done and very clear. There are plenty of notes to aid the modeler both in placing the decals and building the model. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these instructions while building the model - there are specific callouts for various things around the airframe. The instructions also call out where the kit decals are to be placed. Federal Standard reference numbers for the paints necessary to complete this scheme are supplied on the last page. Again, and I still think this a a great addition, this decal set includes a weapons loadout matrix.

Yet again, we have another fabulous large scale decal offering from MAW for a Marine Bug. I definitely recommend this decal set.

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