Eduard | F-16CJ Fighting Falcon Interior

Reviewed by Menelaos Skourtopoulos

Here's Eduard's set for the F-16CJ (Academy Kit) in the 1:32 scale. The set is from the newest coloured type that Eduard brings out in the last years. The detail level is extremely high. You can almost read the numbers in the instruments! This set I think will be equally useful for the Tamiya kit since Tamiya didn't depict the instrument details in the front console of the cockpit (there are even no decals for them).

The MFD screens are in green colour and they are "on". So you have to paint them over since you'll going to build the Falcon sitting in the ground with the engine off…If you want to build the newer Block 50/52 they must be in colour…

I would have also see the holed rudder pedals as a part of that set but they are not there.

But the set is amazing although a bit expensive, I payed almost 15 Euros for that.

Highly recommended.

© Menelaos Skourtopoulos 2006

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016