Twobobs Aviation Graphics | F-16C Big Mouth, Big Mouths, Block 40 Part II 32-030

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Twobobs Aviation Graphics has just released another new decal sheet for the F-16C. The instructions state the decals can be used with the Tamiya, Academy and Hasegawa kits in 1/32nd scale.

Markings are included for two sharkmouth F-16C’s from the 74th Fighter Squadron based at Pope AFB, circa 1994. The first is the Commanders aircraft, BuNo 90-0776, a Block 40 F-16C. The second option is BuNo 88-0516, a standard line aircraft fitted with a Block 40 GE engine.

The instructions provide complete four views of the aircraft with color chip information. Nine thumbnail photos are also included providing additional details of the aircraft. Twobobs also provide text about pertinent details of the Block 40 F-16C. As noted on the instructions, “scab” plating on the fuselage is a feature of these aircraft, which may require additional detailing by the builder. Though Eduard is identified as offering this plating, I believe this may be for 1/48th scale kits only.

The decals are printed over a single page. They appear to be well printed with minimal carrier film. Stencils and national insignia are provided for only one aircraft.

The sharkmouth design is a striking feature on these aircraft. It brings much needed color to the lo-viz schemes currently used. I am sure these decals will sell quickly given the popularity of the subject. I recommend these markings to anyone looking dress up their F-16 with a splash of color.

Review sample compliments of Twobobs Aviation Graphics.

© Mark Proulx

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016