Zotz Decals | 32-001: Belgian Vipers #1

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

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I've always liked the schemes that were different, those that set an airplane apart from everyone else. Zotz Decals, from Mexico, have just that decal set - Belgian Viper from the 2002 Tiger Meet in Portugal. This set is guaranteed to raise some eyebrows.

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The artwork is superb, some of the best I have seen. The colors are dead on, as is the registration. The resolution of the tail markings is fantastic - that tiger artwork is really very good. The decals are thin and have a minimum of carrier film surrounding them.

The instructions are very clear and provide nice four view color placement drawings. The drawings also provide the FS color callouts for camouflage. Only the major artwork is provided in the set. The modeler will need to get the Belgian stencils elsewhere. The instructions suggest using Daco Decals for the stencils.

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I highly recommend these decals for anyone who wants to spice up their Viper with a splash of color.

Review sample courtesy of Eli Raphael at Zotz Decals.

© Randy Bumgardner 2007

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