Zotz Decals | #ZTZ32-029Z: Fancy F-8C Crusaders: VF-84 & VF-111

Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner

So, you've just received Paul Fisher's latest masterpiece - the F-8C conversion for the Trumpeter F-8E. Now, you have to find some markings for it. Wait a second, are there any markings for it? Why yes, yes there are... Zotz to the rescue. Eli Raphael has produced a sheet of very colorful early Crusaders for us.

Image 01 Image 02

The two marking options in this set are:

Each of these options captures a very colorful, distinctive aircraft. 146961 would go on to become a MiG killer, downing a MiG-21 on September 16, 1968 with Lt. Anthony Nargi at the controls. The CAG bird from VF-84 is one of the more colorful CAG aircraft. I think it's because of the flames painted around the intake.

Image decal1 Image decal2 Image decal3

The decals are in excellent registration, with great colors. A minimal amount of carrier film is present around the decals, so they should just disappear into the clear coat. In addition to the main marking, a full set of stencils is provided for the aircraft. There are a lot of stencils, so plan on applying the decals over the period of a few days.

Overall, this decal set, along with Fisher Models' F-8C conversion, will get you a great looking early Crusader in 1/32nd scale.

Review sample courtesy of Zotz Decals, Thanks!

Randy Bumgardner 2009

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