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Quick, picture an F-4E in Vietnam... I bet your mental image has a sharkmouth on it. Yep, the F-4E, like the P-40 before it, sported the ubiquitous sharkmouth, and is forever linked to it. Well, if you just love aircraft with those markings, Zotz has a set of decals for the modeler wishing to buld an F-4E that carried one.

This set features three aircraft based at Korat from the 34th TFS, 388th TFW. Each carried the sharkmouth markings as well as their own unique noseart, or rather "intake art". The three aircraft are:

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All of these Phantoms wore the typical SEA camouflage that adorned Air Force aircraft during the war. Zotz provides un-bordered national insignias with a separate black border for the "bars". One of the options calls for the un-bordered insignias, so be sure to pay attention when applying the decals.

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The decals are in excellent registration, with great colors. A minimal amount of carrier film is present around the decals, so they should just disappear into the clear coat. In addition to the main markings, there are some stencils for the airframe - not nearly as many as those that decorated the aircraft when it was factory fresh. The "slime-light" are also provided in decal form.

Overall, this decal set allows the modeler to reproduce an SEA Phantom that carries some unique artwork. This is an excellent set and should be highly considered by those who wish to build an SEA Phantom.

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