Reheat | RH010 1/32 Instrument Dials

Reviewed by Rato Marczak

About 1990, Reheat models from England started to produce a fine line of decals clearly directed to dedicated modelers. The one reviewed here is the decal sheet RH010, a generic decal sheet containing several types of instruments for 1/32 aircraft. The sheet mixes several types of vintage instruments - mainly of the analogic type - printed in black. These instruments were designed to match Reheat line of photoetched instrument bezels (products RH023 and RH029). The modeler will find most of the vintage aircraft instruments needed here (directional gyros, artificial horizons, tachometer, compasses, gauges, altimeters, etc.). Some of the instruments are even readable under a magnifying glass! They may not be exactly of the type you need, or they may be of slightly incorrect dimensions, but surely will do the job. They will probably work for many golden age jets, too and and don't ask me which (remember: "Jets are for kids". Just kidding, huh?...). The entire sheet contains 80 different decals, repeated in 3 rows of each of them, summing 240 items!

Because they are printed in a single color (black), of course there is no out-of-register problem. The sheet is very well printed on a continuous clear film, so you have to cut/punch the instrument out of the sheet. They are just perfect for the well known "sandwich method" for scratchbuilding a control panel: Make a new front panel with the instrument holes punched out and paint it with the correct color. Then scratchbuild a back panel without the holes and paint it plain white. Then apply the instruments on the corresponding places so that the dials match the holes of the front panel. Finally, glue the panels with a thin clear acetate sheet between them.

If you are lucky, you can alternatively punch the instruments out of the sheet and apply them in the recessed instruments of the kit part, if this is the case. Just remember to check the diameters. When necessary, use your artistic license to use slightly smaller instruments directly or a slightly smaller punch to match the kit panel recesses.

The sheet also brings some interesting numbered labels that will make good fakes for counters or factory numbers.


Instrument decals are the cheapest way to enhance your scratchbuilt cockpits. With care, even an inexperienced modeler can use them. Some of you will complain because there's not many variations of sizes, but most standard instruments used to be more or less of the same size. If you need a shortcut to enhance an instrument panel, this is for you.

As far as I know this sheet is still in production, and can be found for around US$ 7,00 in well stocked hobby shops. For your records, they are also available in 1/48 and 1/72 scales (please, forgive my sin for mentioning these scales here).

© Rato Marczak 2002

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