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Reviewed by Matt Gannon

After scoring the 1/24 Airfix Harrier GR3 kit cheap on EBay I figured that some superdetailed resin accessories would be a great addition in this scale. I had seen a similar 1/24 Harrier at a model show so knew just what magnificent behemoth's these planes are when assembled. I certainly expected Airfix wouldn't be giving me any superdetailed parts if I went OOB, so naturally started looking for aftermarket resin.

The only 1/24 aftermarket resin in circulation I could find for the Airfix 1/24 Harrier kits in circulation is by Heritage Aviation Models. http://www.heritageaviationmodelsltd.com/ Only recently, I saw a Flightpath set for the 1/24 Gr3 Harrier but it seems to be rather rare. In the UK, I know that Heritage Aviation's products are offered for sale via an online shop that I found very easy to deal with. Alternatively, and only a recent announcement, is that the Heritage Resin is available in the US from Meteor Productions.

So while my el cheapo eBay item was traveling in the post I was trying to decide if the Heritage Resin was going to be a worthwhile investment. Despite my best net-detective efforts I had never seen a build with the Heritage resin additions nor ever heard anyone comment on it. That remained the case until, you guessed it, exactly one day the day after it arrived at my house. DOH!!!. So, to save you any angst, here are some of the parts offered in the 1/24 Harrier versions range by Heritage. At least you'll be able to see up close what it is you get and draw your own conclusions.

I compared the resin that was delivered to a Reference I have for the GR3. Aeroguide No 12 Harrier Gr3/ TMk 4 ISBN : 0 946958 12 2. It is an excellent reference source and where all the cropped black and white pictures come from. Many more detailed photos can be found in the book to assist the superdetailer in creating an exciting Harrier as well as information on operational use and history.

All I would say with regard to the quality of the resin is that I've noticed varying standards of detail and production standards on many resin detail sets and not just on Heritage Aviation's Harrier sets. To my eye, Eagle Editions, MDC stand out with regard to accuracy and production standards, as do Aries. That doesn't mean the other resin manufacturers aren't any good. However, you'll be disappointed if you were expecting Eagle Edition or MDC quality and detail in these Harrier sets.

With that in mind, one really has to be fair and consider that Heritage Aviation really has filled a niche with their 1/24 Harrier resin range which the others do not and will never fill. So the question then is: Do I buy it or not? There are many factors for consideration that can culminate in a purchasing decision. Ultimately it's up to you I guess.

Harrier Wheels in Detail

Did you notice anything? Yep, one outrigger wheel short! Oh well. I'll have to find a solution for that. In the Harrier wheel set there are also a number of white metal parts. They need considerable clean up but should provide great strength for a long term sit on its undercarriage once the GR3 is built.

Harrier Intakes in Detail

From the reference shots I can see that the position of the intake doors varies depending on the state of the engine. The position of these intakes from Heritage suits an aircraft that is stationary on the ground. It looks like they are going to need some serious loving to make them flush, smooth and a worthy upgrade to the kit parts.

Harrier GR3 Cockpit

You be the judge.

These sets may be purchased at Heritage Aviation Models Ltd.

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