Data Decals | 32001: MiG-3 (Late Version) in 1/32nd Scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Data Decals is a new decal manufacturer from Poland that has just released markings for the Trumpeter MiG-3. This is a review of their initial 1/32nd scale release.

The entire package consists of color instructions, details about each MiG-3 and a single page of markings. Five different aircraft are profiled:

  1. Black 12
  2. "Death to the German Occupants"
  3. Red 02
  4. White 54
  5. "For Homeland"

The instructions show left or right color profiles of each aircraft with associated upper surface views. Common to other WW II subject aircraft, much of the information is speculative as it is based on photos taken 50 years ago. Fortunately, Data Decals provides five references for modelers. This is a feature that we are starting to see more frequently from leading decal manufacturers. Colors are referenced to White Ensign Models and Humbrol paint lines. Each marking is individually identified and its proper location is depicted. A single page of text (scan not shown) is also included. This details specific information such as unit assignment, equipment fitted and further details on the camouflage and markings of each MiG-3.

The waterslide decals are printed in Poland by Techmod. They appear to be very thin, with a minimum of visible carrier film. Color registration and saturation is perfect. This is particularly evident with the thin white border that surrounds some of the national insignia. At the time of this review I have not had an opportunity to try these decals, therefore I can't comment on their application.

Data Decals maintains a website at I strongly urge you to go visit as Adam Batkiewicz, owner, is accepting suggestions from modelers for future releases. You will also find complete ordering and price information for this decal sheet there. Shipping from Europe to North America proved to be no problem. I had new MiG-3 decals at my house within one week!

I highly recommend these markings to anyone with an interest in the MiG-3 or to those wishing to support a very promising new enterprise. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Review Sample Compliments of Data Decals

© Mark Proulx 2004

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