Hobby Decal | A6M Zero Stencils in 1/24th Scale

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

With this review sample, I will have a closer look at their 1/24th scale markings for the A6M Zero.

The transfers are shipped in a sturdy plastic envelope complete with instructions and plans. The illustrated instructions supply complete directions on how to apply these markings. The Hobbydecal markings are dry transfer. This means no water is required to apply the markings in the traditional sense. Each marking is cut out and placed into position. Proper placement of the dry transfer is extremely important as they are burnished onto the surface. As a first time user, Hobbydecal was also kind enough to include a burnishing tool free of charge. The markings must be applied correctly the first time, as there is no second chance to get it right. The benefit to this procedure is that no decal film is left as seen with wet decals.

A very comprehensive page of stencil placement instructions is also included. Ryan Toews is credited with the research. The instructions depict where the stencils are placed as dictated by the original aircraft manufacturer. As two companies built the Zero (Nakajima and Mitsubishi), different types of stencils are supplied for varying locations. Careful examination of the ID stencils reveals sixteen different makes and models are available for the modeler to choose from. A complete listing is supplied with the plans. Modelers should consult further references to see which markings are applicable to their scheme.

This is my first look at the stencils from Hobbydecal. I am very impressed by the overall quality of the products from Hobbydecal. The instructions are very comprehensive. The plans are easy to read and well researched. Hobbydecal supports their products with free stencil information that can de downloaded from their website here. This also provides new information or material as it becomes available. My only concern is that dry transfers cannot be slid into proper position. The fact that no decal film is visible is a trade off that I would be prepared to make. I recommend these new stencils from Hobbydecal and look forward to their future efforts.

Review sample compliments of Hobbydecal.

© Mark Proulx 2004

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