Montex | K 32038: 1/32 Bf 109K-4 Super Mask

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Montex is a new company supplying masks for the 1/32nd scale modeler. This is a review of the masks for the Hasegawa Bf 109K-4.

Two aircraft are included with this set. They are:1. “Blue 16” Bf 109 K-4, 12./JG 27, May 19452. Bf 109K-4 JG 52(?), May 1945

The small color instructions provide complete painting details for both aircraft. RLM color chips are featured. Unfortunately, no known photos exist of “Blue 16” while it was intact. The only known photo shows the aircraft without its wings or tail assembly. Therefore, much of this scheme is speculation. No reference notes are included for either aircraft. However, both schemes can be found in Japo’s excellent Messerschmitt Bf 109K Camouflage and Markings.

The masks provide complete markings for each aircraft. Unfortunately, some masks for the national insignia will have to be used twice. Canopy masks are also included to the extent of supplying masks for the inside of the canopy.

Montex masks are not for the feint of heart. One slip up and a paint job could be ruined. However, for those modelers that prefer to paint on their own markings these new masks are a welcome addition. Nothing compares to painted markings as this gives the modeler the flexibility to apply faded and weathered markings to suit their needs. At the time of this review, I had not had an opportunity to try these masks. However, with a little patience I am sure that your Bf 109K-4 will display some stunning markings!

For a detailed review of Montex masks and how they are used, please refer to Chris Sherland’s excellent review here.

Review sample compliments of Montex.

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