Montex | New 1/32 Releases 2009

Reviewed by Jay Laverty

The following mask sets are newly released and ready to order from Montex although they may take a short time to become available from some overseas distributors. It is best to check for availability and reserve your set if necessary.

There are quite a few new releases in both 32nd and 24th that will find a home in the heart of just about everyone here at LSP, and after seeing some of the guys have some real successes with the Montex masks, you really need to look no further than the "In the Works" section of this site to see how well Montex masks work.

As an introduction for those who haven't used Montex before, or even heard of them here is a description of the types of set that they produce. I have lifted it from their site but changed some words to be more clear an English translation

MINI MASK - contain masks for painting cabins(cockpits);

MAXI MASK - contain masks for painting cockpits and stencils for distinctive markings: national emblems and tactical and functional symbols (bows, crosses, stars, letters, numbers, chevrons etc.)

SUPER MASK - contain masks for painting cockpits and stencils for distinctive markings based on photos and other primary sources. Super Mask series also contains colour airplane drawings in four projections depicting the placement of the paintings.

We will begin with the simple canopy masks (MINI MASK):

And 24th scale canopy masks:


Onto the more involved complete markings masks "SUPER MASK", first in 32nd:

And in 24th Scale:

As you can see, Montex are producing masks that will be very useful for the Large Scale Modeller, at a prolific rate that will keep us all in interesting schemes for the foreseeable future.

As I mentioned earlier, the quality if the masks is very high, and no one can argue with the fact that painted on markings are vastly superior to decals any day.

For more information and to locate the Montex stockist nearest you please visit Montex Masks.

Montex are also available from our sponsor Design & Marketing Int'l.

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