Montex | K 32040: P-38J Lightning Masks

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Montex has just released a set of masks to be used with the Trumpeter P-38 Lightning in 1/32nd scale. Though I have not checked the fit, it may be possible to use these masks on the Revell kit.

The first item modelers should note is that these masks are for two P-38Js. Unfortunately, the Trumpeter kit currently available is representative of a P-38L. The Revell kit is a P-38J and may be the better choice for these masks.

Masks are provided for two natural metal aircraft:

  1. P-38J “Gotterdammerung” of the 95th FS, 82nd FG, Foggia, Italy circa 1944
  2. P-38J “Si Si Senor” of the 67th FS, 347th FG, Philippines circa 1945

The instructions provide detailed painting schematics for both schemes. No FS 595b color choices are provided with the instructions though each color is identified. They should be easy to cross reference to existing paint lines. A template identifying each mask and its location is also included. Left, right, upper and lower views are depicted for each aircraft. Unfortunately, references used for the creation of these masks are not stated.

The masks are extensive. They are provided over four pages with each mask individually perforated. Montex also includes inner and outer masks for spraying both sides of the canopy. Two identical decals (not shown) are also included for the nose art of “Si Si Senor”. However, the instructions show artwork only on the outer side of the left boom. I am not sure if one decal is a duplicate or if the instructions don’t show another position for the artwork.

Montex masks provide a viable alternative to water slide decals. They allow the modeler to weather and fade markings to suit their individual needs. This option is great, especially when trying to duplicate heavily weathered paint schemes. However, patience is required placing the masks and much more spray-painting is needed for the finished result.

For a detailed review of Montex masks and how they are used, please refer to Chris Sherland’s excellent review.

This review sample compliments of Design & Marketing Int’l, the North American distributor for Montex.

© Mark Proulx 2005

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