Montex | P-51D Mustang Super Mask in 1/24th and 1/32nd Scale

Reviewed by Chris Sherland

Montex has released some more of its growing line of masks for the large scale modeler. As everyone knows, you can get a more realistic finish, and weathering is easier, if you paint your markings yourself. With Montex’s masks, self-painted markings can be done with not much more effort than decaling.

Markings are provided for two aircraft. Full-color three sided artwork is provided for each aircraft. The first is “Bunnie” of Capt. R.C. Brown, 100th F.S., 332nd F.G. The second is “Jackie” of Lt. William R. Whitaker, 359th F.S., 356th F.G.

These masks provide full markings for each aircraft. The are quite comprehensive, even including masking for the cowling, including the stars! The only nitpick, for which I deducted a half-star, is that some of the national markings masks must be re-used. Not only does this mean the modeler must be careful with removing the mask to not stretch the vinyl so it can be re-used, but it also means additional sessions with the airbrush to complete the markings. Don’t let this stop you from buying the set however, the markings are very well done and will help produce a very different model from decals provided in the kit. The checked cowl would be extremely attractive!

For a detailed review of how these markings work in use, please refer to Chris Sherland’s excellent review.

These sets of masks are available for free to a couple of LSP’ers willing to use them and write a short article on their use.

Review sample compliments of Montex.

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