Ventura | #V3264: Finnish Late and Post War Bf 109G-6s

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

Always on the look out for interesting and colourful schemes for my stash of 109s I spotted these decals from Ventura Hobby Products in Wellington NZ. The decal sheet measures 160 x 100 mm and includes the main markings you'll require to turn your 109G6's into one of three possible variants from the Finnish Airforce. The schemes encompass the period 1947-1948. All are post war schemes and reading 'between the lines' in the text associated with each plane it seems that some significant degree of research has gone into these schemes. All allow you to create a colour scheme for your 109 that will turn into something unusual. Mind you like other Ventura decals no stencils are included.

Like the other Ventura decals reviewed the decal carrier film extends beyond the decals. A sharp Xacto blade will quickly cure that. There was no aberrations in the colour of my decal sheet and they'll be a fun change of pace for any fellow 109 buffs.


© Matt Gannon

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016