Ventura | V3252: Yugoslav Bf 109G-10

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

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In a quest for an interesting scheme for the Hasegawa 109 G-10 I happened along these decals from Ventura Hobby Products in Wellington NZ. The decal sheet measures 100 x 155mm and includes the main markings you'll require to turn your 109G10's colour scheme into something unusual. Even though you get the main markings, no stencils are included. As stated in the instructions the Bf109G-10 in question pertains to an Ex-Croation aircraft that was apparently flown to Mostar in Herzegovina and subsequently used by forces loyal to Tito at the end of the war.

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The decal carrier film extends quite a way beyond the extent of the decals. Some careful work with a sharp X-Acto blade will quickly minimise any extra carrier film that isn't desired. When one closely inspects the decals it also appears that there is variation of colours as they have been laid down. Despite this variation, I don't think this should detract from value of the decal sheet. When one reads the history of this machine, with its hastily hand repainted stars and rudder bands, these uneven areas of colour might actually assist the modeler in re-creating a realistic and more irregular look.


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