Eagle Editions | EP24-32: Bf 109 Oil Cooler Correction Set

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions continues to broaden their catalogue of available resin products for the Hasegawa Bf 109G in 1/32nd scale. Their latest product is a replacement oil cooler. Eagle Editions states that this new resin set has a deeper cross section, wider tapered sides, and other subtle but important contour and detail changes.

This new correction set is shipped in a small plastic container. This helps to assure that the resin pieces are not damaged in shipping. My set arrived in good order. The resin parts make up a new oil cooler housing, exit flap, actuator arm and intake screens. The set also has very comprehensive instructions.

The instructions are printed over two pages. Photographs are included, but they are not of the best quality. The four-step assembly sequence is easy to follow. Some minor modifications will be required of the kit fuselage to get the replacement oil cooler to fit properly. This is detailed in the instructions and should pose no difficulty to modelers with previous experience.

The resin parts are cast with great surface detail. Flash has been kept to a minimum on my sample. Scale rivet patterns are clearly visible on the exterior surfaces of the set with nice hinge detail on the exit flap. Eagle Editions also include optional styles of screens. This area isn't usually visible in photographs. The modeler is left with having to consult further references or simply using the screen of their choice. In addition, the exit flap can be displayed in any position. This could require some grinding of resin parts to properly place the actuator arm.

I can recommend this new resin set without hesitation. I have used some of the pictures available from the Eagle Editions web site to further show the quality of this set. Take a moment to stop by and visit Jerry and Judy at Eagle Editions. I am sure you won't be disappointed!

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