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Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Eagle Editions continues to release aftermarket resin items for Hasegawa's 1/32nd scale Bf 109G. Their latest issue is a replacement resin supercharger intake.

The new supercharger intake incorporates accurate weld seams, corrected contours and the prominent screw heads. The set will also eliminate the glue joint around the base, which results from the use of the kit part. When complete, the new resin supercharger intake will more accurately represent the real aircraft.

The replacement resin intake is shipped with instructions in a small, sturdy, plastic container. The three step instructions clearly identify the modifications that need to be performed. Some major surgery is involved, so work carefully. Images included with the instructions clearly show the modifications that need to be performed on the Hasegawa fuselage. As an option, the modeler may choose to hollow out the resin intake. A drill with a grinding bit would be a requirement to perform this installation, in my opinion. The new part requires careful installation to the fuselage so as to ensure an accurate representation. This is all carefully explained in the instructions.

The intake is very nicely cast. No air bubbles were evident in my sample. The screw head and
weld detail is quite visible and I am sure that this will be readily apparent in the completed project.

The new resin items from Eagle Editions can't help but enhance what is already proving to be a popular seller. I would suggest that relatively experienced modelers perform this modification. This is due to due to the changes necessary to the fuselage and replacement resin part. This, and other exciting items from Eagle Editions can be found their website.

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