Eclipse Model Design | 32002: P-40 Late Paddle Props

Reviewed by Ray Peterson

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One of the first aftermarket accessories by the new company, Eclipse Model Design, started by our own Derek Bradshaw is a new set of P-40 props for late model P-40´s. These props were quite noticeably wider than the earlier props to convert the later up-rated engined P-40´s into more speed and faster climbing ability. These props were commonly seen on P-40K´s, M´s, N´s as well as the Merlin engined F´s and L´s. Hasegawa, or anyone else for that matter, do not offer the later prop.

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The set comes with 3 blades, a hub, and a nifty jig for setting the props all at the same angle. The hub then fits into the kit spinner. Also included is a well illustrated set of instructions. The casting quality is simply superb with no bubbles and very little flash or seams to clean up.

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Comparing the new blade to the original kit blade, it is obvious the size difference. The new blades will make a noticeable difference to anyone building the later model P-40 kits.

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Comparing the new blade to a picture of a restored P-40K with the late blade, it looks pretty good. It looks like the new prop could be a bit wider at the tip, but otherwise seems to match very well.

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In summary, this new blade set is highly recommended for any P-40 aficionado building a later war P-40 variant. The blades could be a bit wider at the tip, but otherwise is a great alternative from the kit blades.

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Disclaimer: I provided dimensions to help with the development of this accessory.

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