Fotocut | Bf 109E detail set

Reviewed by Mark Proulx

Owned and operated by Fred Hultberg, Fotocut has been supplying photo etch to scale modelers for over 30 years. This is a review of Fotocut's Bf 109E detail set in 1/32nd scale. The set includes a number of photo etch parts for all areas of the aircraft, both externally and within the cockpit. Instrument faces are printed on clear acetate film and a comprehensive set of instructions complete the entire set.

The instructions are thoughtful and well laid out. A large diagram indicates the location and part number of each item on the backing film making recognition very easy. The placement of all the etched items on the model is clearly shown with the use of large, easily understood diagrams. Some of the pieces have simple painting instructions adjacent to the numbers on the diagrams assisting the modeler with that task. References are provided for additional placement and painting details.

The system used to complete the etching is rather unique in the model world. The main difference between Fotocut and other photo etch manufacturers are the lack of tabs to remove as each part is individually separated from a neoprene backing. My initial impression was that the small pieces are very fragile and would prove to be difficult to remove. My concerns proved to be unfounded as I had little difficulty in removing the smallest of items. However, I think that caution would still be in order.

Fred has included a number of interesting and often overlooked items. Small items such as tie downs and spinner backplate details show the attention to detail given to this set. In some areas, such as the instrument panel and landing gear doors, raised details are provided. I am sure that a very accurate instrument panel will result when the acetate instrument faces are sandwiched between the front and rear portions. A complete harness is included and the scale appearance of the photo etch wheel well doors will be a great addition to your model.

A caveat in the instructions states that the kit is designed for use in several scales. Consequently, I can't state which model this photo etch set is designed for, or, if it will even fit the 1/32nd scale Matchbox or Hasegawa kits. Fortunately, there are only a few items where this might pose a problem.

I am eager to try this set with my next 1/32nd scale Bf 109E project. It appears that many of the additional details would be invaluable, and much easier than scratchbuilding my own. I recommend this new product from Fotocut and a great model should result with a little care and patience.

Review Samples Compliments of Fotocut.

© Mark Proulx 2002

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