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Reviewed by Menelaos Skourtopoulos

The Salamander or the "Volksjäger" (people's fighter) was one of the last desperate but ingenious actions of the Third Reich to fight the Allied air power over the skies of Germany.

And now 60 years later we have that nimble jet plane as a kit in 1:32 scale.

First look

The first impression I had as I took the kit in my hands was a very good one. No resin, no metal just only plastic styrene, but of high quality and a best price. It confirms my opinion that I don't need any resin or metal parts in a kit. You can have the high detail levels shows with only plastic parts too.

There are 93 parts with 4 in clear plastic for the canopy and gun sight.

You will say no to much for the scale, but the detail level is very high. You'll find everything you need to build an OOB model. A full engine kit, full cockpit, gun bay, detailed undercarriage and decals for three aircraft.

The surfaces are highly detailed with engraved panel lines and rivets.


The kit is a truly 1:32nd . The real plane was 9 m long and the kit is 28cm long that means perfect dimension. I compared some parts with scale drawings I found in the web. No big divergence.


There are 16 parts for the cockpit including a very detail instrument panel and side walls with consoles. The seat is in 4 parts with its back molded in the back cockpit wall. Here's a point that you'll need to refine. But the whole thing looks good enough even OOB.

One of the gun bay is open and you can show one of the two Mk108 30mm cannons there.


Here is the situation more better, that means you have 35 parts to glue in that area. Wheels are not flattened but this should be no problem.


A whole BMW engine is included in the kit with good detail level. The experts in that area will want to have some more details here and there, but the body of the engine is a very good start for further detailing.

Clear parts

You'll find some crystal clear canopies inside the box, packed in an extra bag for save them from scratches.


I search to found some problems and it could be one in the region of the forward fuselage. There are some sink marks on the outside of the fuselage, corresponding to the position of the interior structural detail. They look like imperfections, but they give this area the illusion of stressed metal.


You'll find decals for three aircraft at the end of the WWII flown in Leck by JG1. All of them have the colour scheme RLM 81/82/76.

You'll pay 19.99 Euros (ca. 27 US Dollars) in Germany for that kit. That's a very good price.

© Menelaos Skourtopoulos 2005

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