Aires | Bf 109G and K Radio Equipment No 2043 and No 2041

Reviewed by Matt Gannon

Have some of you guys also had trouble finding good reference pictures of unrestored, intact fuselage interiors for you 109s? Well here's some of the information you've been dredging the net and your reference books for. If you're a super-detailer building a 109 with show stopping detail, or just want to add interest to your Hasegawa 109 this is a brief look at the Aries radio equipment resin detail sets for their Me109G and Me109k range .

The review shots will be good for your reference collection. Firstly, the G and K model radio equipment sets are quite different. The 109G's equipment is qualified as being 'late war'. Secondly, the radio equipment parts of the G Late (No 2043) are components included in the Aries Full detail set for the Hasegawa G-6 No 2008.

The detail in the resin is simply breathtaking. Frankly if you were a scatchbuilder you could use one of these detail sets as opposed to a reference book. The detail on the radio itself is far superior to other offerings in this scale or indeed in 1/24.

In the pack you get, instructions, a PE radio access panel frame and door, a bulkhead with radio equipment and a fuselage lining panel with all sorts of detail. See piccies

Both kits retail for the same of approximately $11US and these review samples were courtesy of Matty's VISA and the US Godfather. ;-)

© Matt Gannon 2006

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This review was published on Saturday, July 02 2011; Last modified on Wednesday, May 18 2016