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Photo etch harness sets have long been a keen addition to the aftermarket scene for all scales. Recently MDC has made a move into this market with a fresh approach as well as content that reflects a resurgence in the larger scales. 1/24 harness sets are finally here!

Offered in 1/48, 1/32 and now in 1/24 MDC's harness sets cover all major WWII combatants including French Armee d'le air with the exception of IJN and IJA sets. While a new photo etch set may not seem like big news these days there are a few things about MDC's approach that demand attention.

1/24 Luftwaffe Harness set

The first thing I noticed in the review samples I received was that the craftsmanship was superb. All detail is included and finely etched with delicate attention. A light texture represents the cloth portion of the harness while the buckles are left "raw" and more shiny. I have seen many other photo etched harness sets overdo this texture, not MDC. These belts look more "scale" than most of the other offerings.

1/24 RAF "Sutton" Harness set

As I stated earlier, there's more to these sets that one might think. Most harness sets offer either a fully buckled belt set with attachments, or a "build it yourself" set of separate belts and buckles. MDC takes it one step further and with much more forethought.

Each of the sets comes with a fully buckled belt set with attachments as well as a full set of separate buckles and a strap cutting template for cutting perfect scratch-made belts from foil or tape. The best of both worlds in one set!

1/24 USAAC/USN Harness set

Same as above in 1/32

Included with all the sets is a dual instruction sheet for both types of harnesses. Whether you go for the fully belted set, cut your own belts with the template, or use a combination of the construction methods.

I found this set up to provide the most flexibility for attachment and preparation.

Sometimes it seems like a simple thing can't be improved on, then a company like MDC comes along and makes modeling better.

The 1/24 sets were not yet listed on the MDC website at the time of this review and as such pricing was not yet available. However the full line of 1/48 and 1/32 sets are listed there with additional pictures and full pricing, ordering and delivery information.

Thanks to MDC for the review samples.

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